Jonathan & Arlys Reine

Jonathan has released 7 music CD's and his most recent CD is,

Music is an important part of the ministry, but the Word of God is the
essential ingredient. People find Christ in his uncomplicated services.
Jonathan's teachings and insights from the Word of God are rich and
understandable by both young and old alike.
Send us your Prayer Requests.  We will PRAY! Jonathan & Arlys Reine

Jonathan and Arlys pastored churches
in Northwestern Wisconsin and
Milwaukee, Wisconsin until 1982 when
Jonathan released his first gospel music
album and began traveling nationwide.
Jonathan has also ministered in Canada,
Europe and the Caribbean.

Jonathan hosts the radio shows
"Country Crossing" & "The Jonathan
Reine Show".

Jonathan appears on The Midwest
Country  Show on the RFD
Cable/Satellite Network.