Jonathan Reine - He Healed Them All
He Healed Them All_CD
*Over 100 Promises
Faith and Healing

*17 New Songs
He Healed Them All      by Jonathan Reine

"He Healed Them All" was produced for
those who are desiring a Divine Healing
for themselves or a "loved one".

Jonathan has written seventeen new songs about
Healing and Faith and has coupled them with the
"Word of God".  Over one hundred "Promises of
Healing" are narrated between the songs.

This is a powerful tool in gaining 'Faith' for
'Miracles' or maintaining 'Faith' for 'Miracles'
and answered prayer.

In Romans 10:17 it reads, "Faith cometh by Hearing,
and Hearing by the Word of God".

Faith comes by 'HEARING" God's Word and there is
no better way to obtain the "Promises of God" then
by immersing oneself in the "Promises".

You may say, "Faith comes by Hearing & Hearing
".  That is,  over and over again, hearing
the Word of God to build our faith.

Hearing the Promises throughout the day or
night encourages one to continue to believe
God's Word.

Each song is written specifically about the narrated
"Promises" and written to help the listener to absorb
these dynamic truths in music form.

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Be Healed Today  ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...1:20
Text ...1:46
Your Word Is Life ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...1:58
Text ...1:31
I Am The Lord ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...1:25
Text ...1:49
God Cares ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...1:39
Text ...2:39
Wait Upon The Lord ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...1:57
Text ...2:30
By His Stripes ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...1:35
Text ...2:43
Power Of The Lord   ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...2:14
Text ...2:14
He Healed Them All  ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...2:38
Text ...2:14
I Will Make You Whole  ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...2:22
Text ...2:27
Cast Your Cares  ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...2:21
Text  ...2:39
Alleluia  ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...1:49
Text  ...3:08
I Believe O God ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...2:29
Text  ...3:20
Testimony  ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...2:03
Text ...2:50
Free!  ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...2:03
Text ...2:50  
Ask In My Name  ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...2:08
Text ...3:04
©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...1:56
Text ...1:41
Greater ©2004  Jonathan Reine BMI ...2:39
He Healed Them All