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Jesus How Much Do You Love Me?_CD $14.95
This CD Album contains: They'll Know We Were Right, Calvary Has Not Been In Vain, Fight The Good fight, I'll Inherit The Sky, More Of You, That Day At Calvary, Gonna Meet Up Yonder, Jesus, How Much Do You Love Me? , My Heavenly Father Speaks To Me, I've Been There, Coming Out Of Darkness, There's A Wind.
Jesus How Much...CASSETTE
Mercy ...My Promise CASSETTE
Mercy ...My Promise_CD $14.95
This Gospel CD Album contains: I Believe In You, Bless Me Father, God Is Still God, You Were There, Burning Down The Bridges, I Can't Live Without Your Love, Turn Your Pain Into Praise, Calvary Has Not Been In Vain, As Jesus Passed By & I Am Ready.
This Gospel CD Album contains: Since I'm Walking With You, When Ten Thousand Angels Cried, Looking For A House, Saved By The Bell, I've Got Him, No Power On Earth, Jesus Never Said No, Wise Old Pilot, If You Miss Heaven, Mercy Is The Reason, The Long Haul, You're Still Mine & Once More For The Road.
This Gospel CD Album contains: Just Because I Asked You, The Middle Man, Every Time I Fall, Plans To Leave, I Just Cannot Tell It Like It Is, Headed Up Heaven's Highway, Red River, An Altar Alters My Life, Who's Getting Ready, Amazing Grace Was Just a Song, We Can Pray, A Little Rock, Hang On To The Cross, Fan The Flame
God Is A Good God_CD
This Gospel CD Album contains: Good God, No Place Like Calvary, Against The Tree, Not The Great I Was, He Knows The Way Home, 1 Heart, 2 Hands, 3 Nails, A Country Boy, Wish I Could've Been There, Mama Was Praying For Me, You Better Believe It, Thief In The Night, Don't Look At Me That Way, Yodeling My Way To Heaven, The Only Way, Highway of Life & Let The Living Water Flow.
Peace River CASSETTE
Troy ...The Second Miracle DVD
Troy ...The Second Miracle VHS video
He Healed Them All_CD
Jonathan Reine has written 17 new songs on Faith and Healing that are included in this new CD. Over 100 Promises of Healing and Faith from God's Word are narrated between the songs. If you need a miracle TODAY, then this Special HEALING CD, "He Healed Them All", will INCREASE your faith to receive a miracle.
Tomorrow CD Jonathan Reine
New Release - Tomorrow CD Album Jonathan Reine
Faith Special-All 8 CDs
This "FAITH SPECIAL" contains: Christmas ...Is The Best Time; Tomorrow; Mercy ...My Promise; Red River; Peace River; Jesus, How Much Do You Love Me?; God Is A Good God & He Healed Them All
Christmas-Jonathan Reine CD
Christmas - Jonathan Reine CD - Contains 15 Christmas Songs - NEW RELEASE