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Second Miracle
Troy..The Second Miracle Video/DVD
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The amazing story of the Miraculous Healing and
recovery of a young man who was struck by one of the
most deadl
y diseases known to man.  This account is told
by eyewitnesses to this Miracle.  Doctors, collegiate
classmates, University Dean, University Coach,
University President, family and clergy relay their
testimony of the great miracle that was received.

Troy Reine was a star athlete at the University of the
South in Sewanee, Tennessee when he was afflicted
with meningococcal sepsis.

ABC News 20/20 called this disease, meningococcal
sepsis, The Unknown Killer.  CBS News 48 Hours with
Dan Rather reported on the deadly consequences of this
disease as well as PBS Nova, reporting on the
devastation this disease has on young people.  Many
who contract this disease die within 24 hours and if they
survive, there are dire aftermaths that involve loss of
limbs, organ failure and brain damage.

As a result of this disease, meningococcal sepsis, Troy
faced an enlarged heart, kidney failure, diseased lungs,
a raging fever, deep coma, lesions that turn to
gangrene, proposed amputation and certain death.

He needed a Miracle .......To survive ........and recover.

By Faith & Prayer a Miraculous recovery was received by
Troy Reine identical to The Second Miracle of Christ.  He
was raised off of a deathbed and returned to the
University of the South where he set seven new running
records for the college.  This story will inspire and build
your "Faith" in the Power of Prayer and the Promises of
God's Word for us today.

If you need healing today, or your loved one or friend
needs healing, then this faith-inspiring story will help
you believe for a MIRACLE, ..................TODAY!

Order your copy today...A small investment for the
beginning of healing and health.
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