This report was given in August, 1999 as a testimony of what the Reine's had
experienced and received.  The report was given to family, friends and to all
who prayed for and believed for a Miracle of healing for our son Troy.  As you
read this account, we pray that your 'faith' will be strengthened. If you or your
loved ones need a Miracle today, the Promises of God are for you.  What God
did for the Reine's...He WILL DO FOR YOU.
On Saturday, March 27, 1999, our son Troy Reine was at a Track meet in Kentucky
during the day. He returned to his college “The University of the South” in Sewanee,
Tennessee for the evening. During the night, he became ill with excessive vomiting and
a fever. He asked to be admitted to the local hospital there at Sewanee Sunday morning
(Palm Sunday). He was admitted with a 104.9' temperature, dehydrated, incoherent,
somewhat combatant and with a rash beginning to be seen on his body. This rash soon
formed into lesions that went throughout his body. He was put on antibiotics and testing
began on Troy’s vital signs. The most alarming sign was that his white blood count had
dropped drastically to 2,300. A normal white blood count for a healthy person is between
12,000-15,000 ‘white blood count’. When a person is sick the white blood count goes up.
However, in Troy’s case, the infection in his body was so fast moving and devastating
that his whole body began shutting down. Troy’s kidneys were failing, his heart was
failing, his lungs were failing, he was in trouble. The Sewanee hospital transferred Troy
by ambulance to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee in critical condition. He
was placed in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) where he was put on oxygen,
heavy doses of antibiotics, and was connected to electronic heart, temperature and
oxygen level sensors. A battery of Doctors & Specialists in the fields of Infectious
Disease, Pulmonary, Respiratory and others was gathered to save Troy’s life. Troy was
diagnosed as having the disease Meningococcal Sepsis. For most of us this is just a
medical name that has no particular meaning except that we might recognize the first
part of the word, “Meningo,” as being related to Meningitis. Some of the symptoms of
Meningococcal Sepsis on the onset are a fever (usually a higher fever), a stiff neck,
feeling very ill, and a rash that turns into lesions or purpia. It is a fast moving disease
that can render a very healthy, athletic, young person to a state of complete body failure
in just a few hours. It attacks the blood with bacteria that multiplies exponentially.

My wife Arlys and I were out of town holding Gospel Meetings the week that concluded
on Sunday, March 28, the day our son Troy was admitted. Our other son Jonathan was
in Saipan, 2000 miles south of Japan, in the Western Pacific Ocean, ministering at a
Youth Convention for the Mariana Islands. The Hospital and school began to call our
house late Sunday and then Monday morning. Of course, all they got was our voice mail
as nobody was home, so they began to leave messages. As Troy worsened, they tried
the more to reach us as we later heard on our voice mail retrieval.

We arrived home Monday afternoon at two o’clock to find a note on our back door. The
message was that Troy was in Chattanooga, Tennessee, seriously ill, and the note gave
the phone numbers to reach the hospital in Chattanooga. There were over twenty-five
messages on our voice mail that were placed since Saturday night when Arlys had
checked it last. The first couple messages were mildly concerned to inform us of Troy’s
hospitalization. Then the calls became more urgent and quite frantically desperate.
When the School could not reach us by phone, they began calling anyone with the last
name of Reine in the state of Minnesota and reached one of my sisters. Our daughter
and her husband, Elise & Tommy Orlando had been called as well as my mother, Ruby
Reine. My Mother began to pray and called others to pray. Elise & Tommy called
Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, TN and began making preparations to fly there,
knowing we were on the road traveling back to Minneapolis. “Someone needs to be with
Troy as soon as possible for Troy is critically ill”, was the message from the hospital. The
College was able to get the phone number of my brother Tom Reine, who lives in
eastern Tennessee, and left a message for him concerning Troy. As we arrived home
and retrieved our phone messages we immediately called our daughter Elise. She had
booked a flight to Atlanta that would leave in a few hours. We left two hours later for the
airport. I had called the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Erlanger Hospital and they were
relieved to hear from us, but told us to come to Chattanooga as soon as possible as
Troy was in critical condition and gravely ill. We flew to Atlanta and then drove to
Chattanooga as this was faster than waiting for a connecting flight into Chattanooga.

Some have asked us if we were afraid or if we were “fearful” of the outcome at the time
that we learned of Troy’s illness and especially over the next few days as Troy’s
condition worsened. In answer to that question, we were never afraid nor did we ever
fear or believe that Troy was going to die or not recover. We did not deny his illness or
how critical it was from hour to hour. We were greatly concerned and understood the
seriousness of the situation, knowing that it was life or death at any moment. However,
we chose life and the promises of God’s Word that promise us healing, deliverance and
victory. The presence of God’s Holy Spirit immediately began to remind us of God’s
promises for healing and to reassure our hearts. It is very important to know the Word of
God and to know that what God has promised, He will also perform. We immediately
upon hearing of Troy’s condition began to pray “in the Spirit,” or we began to pray “in
other tongues.” This is a gift God gives to Believer’s when they are filled with the Holy
Spirit. It is meant to help us in our prayer lives and to help us pray when we don’t know
how to pray. We knew that the situation was desperate, but at the time we did not know
the particulars of the disease that was oppressing Troy’s body. We continued to pray en
route to the airport, on board the plane and then during the two hour car ride to
Chattanooga. We also began to speak the promises of God out loud such as “…by
whose stripes ye were healed” I Peter 2:24; “…I Am the Lord that healeth thee” Exodus
15:26; “…Himself (Jesus) took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses” Matthew 8:17;
“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: who forgiveth all thine
iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases” Psalm 103:2,3 and many others. We
personalized them for Troy saying “…By whose stripes Troy was and is healed” “…God,
You are the Lord that healeth Troy” “…Jesus took Troy’s infirmities and bore his
sicknesses” “…Who healeth Troy’s diseases”.

Elise, Arlys and I arrived in Atlanta, Georgia, rented a car and then motored to
Chattanooga, Tennessee arriving just after midnight. As we were hurriedly walking to the
elevators that would take us to the MICU, we rounded a corner and there surprisingly, we
met my brother Tom. He had been working in Knoxville, TN, which was two hours away,
and had gotten an urgent message from the school in the late afternoon. He had driven
down to be with Troy until we arrived. He was anxiously awaiting our arrival and had
come down several times to look for us. His face gave himself away as we could see from
his expression and tears that the condition of Troy was worsening. He told us later that,
as much as he wanted to be in the room with Troy, it was extremely agonizing for him to
look at Troy suffering. We went to the MICU and called the nurse’s desk to inform them
that we had arrived as they were awaiting us. I spoke to Arlys and Elise on our car ride to
prepare themselves for what we were about to see and not to be alarmed. The Scripture
says, “…for we walk by faith and not by sight; 2 Corinthians 5:7, which simply means that
as Believers we ‘walk’ in this life by the “Faith” of the Son of God and His Promises. We
do not ‘walk’ by the visual circumstances that surround us, or, we do not allow the
circumstances that surround us to affect our Faith. No matter what we saw, we were
going to look beyond Troy’s sick body and see in our mind, by “Faith,” Troy healed.

As we walked into the MICU a nurse met us and led to Troy’s room. As we came through
the doorway, there we saw Troy lying on the bed with many tubes coming out of his
body, monitors, IV’s and supplied oxygen. Immediately we noticed his extremely rapid,
labored breathing. He was struggling to breathe and gasped for every breath. It was as if
he was suffocating or had just finished running a marathon. Also on his legs and arms
were these hideous purple lesions that ranged in size from that of a quarter to three
inches wide by eight inches long. He had a high fever of over 104’ at the time. We
recognized that his body was straining to survive. The on duty physician told me briefly
of the disease that was afflicting Troy and that his body had earlier gone into shock. We
were able to talk with Troy that night and reassured him that we were there. He had been
so sick for over 36 hours and had spent most of it with strangers in two different
hospitals. Then we said to Troy that we were going to pray. I asked Troy if he would pray
with me and he said that he would. So I said, “Troy, pray after me.” “Heavenly Father, I
ask you in Jesus name, if there is any sin in my life, please forgive me and cleanse me
by the blood of Jesus.” “ Jesus, I ask you to heal me and make me whole, and that you
would reveal yourself to me”. We joined together in prayer and Troy prayed. I knew that
if we were to reach the Throne of God we needed to pray and ask forgiveness of sin and
invite The Healer, Jesus, into our situation. We could sense the awesome “Presence of
God” in that room. This “Presence” never left all the days that we were there. Jesus had
promised that He would never leave us or forsake us. Reluctantly, we had to leave the
MICU and Troy, as the visiting hours were limited to a one half hour visit, three times a
day. They had allowed us to come in to visit Troy at a very late hour because of the
seriousness of the sickness and their uncertainty of Troy’s survival through the night or
in the next few hours and days.

It was now about 2:00 AM as we began to pray with Tom in the front lobby of the
hospital. We said Good-bye to Tom about 2:30 AM as he headed back to his motel in
Knoxville and we set out to find a motel. We found one a couple of miles away and
prayed ourselves to sleep for about three hours. We awoke and drove back to the
hospital to sit in the Intensive Care waiting room. There we saw and met many other
families that were facing crisis’ in their lives. Some had loved ones who had been in auto
or motorcycle accidents. Others had loved ones who had surgery or had various critical
illnesses. We were all waiting for the visiting time to arrive to see our loved one. The time
to visit had arrived.

As we entered the MICU, I saw a cluster of Doctors gathered. As Arlys and Elise went
into the room I stopped to talk with them. One of the doctors said to me, “I want you to
know that your son is very, very, very sick.” He has Meningococcal Sepsis. This airborne
bacterium has gotten into his blood and spread exponentially. The toxins and poisons
from the bacteria have affected every organ in his body. His White Blood Count fell to
2,300 that indicated that his body was being overwhelmed and not able to resist the
disease. His kidneys shut down yesterday. The lesions that you see were caused by the
body leaking fluids (blood). He also was hemorrhaging on the inside of his body with
lesions on his organs and muscles. Because the body lost so much fluid quickly, Troy’s
blood pressure went down to almost nothing, as there was not sufficient blood to pump.
His heart muscles have weakened and his valves are leaking. We are trying to get his
blood pressure up. The oxygen level in his blood is very low and his breathing is very
labored because his lungs are filling up with fluid. Your son is very, very, very sick.” I
took notice how he said that my son was very, very, very sick. He went on to say,
“Without treatment, 90% of the people who get this disease die in the first 24 hours.” We
are fortunate that the doctor in Sewanee recognized the symptoms of this disease and
started Troy on antibiotics a few hours after he arrived there and then sent him down
here.” He continued, “This is a devastating disease that effects all the organs of the
body.” “We can treat the bacteria with antibiotics but we cannot do anything about his
kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, his brain or the other organs of his body.” “If we do
everything right,” (he lingered on and emphasized the words everything and right),
“there is a 50/50 chance of surviving.” “The first 24 to 48 hours are the most critical for
survival.” “Your son is very, very, very sick.”

The ‘report’ that he gave me was a lot to take in, however, we had a different ‘report’ that
we were believing and clinging to. It is called “The Report of the Lord.” That report said,
“I AM the Lord that Healeth Thee”. The facts were there, but that was simply what man
could see. The Doctor report was simply a statement of the facts as they saw them. We
chose to walk another path that day. That was the path of “FAITH.” Instead of picturing in
our mind the negative consequences of this disease with the statistical, probable
outcome, we chose to believe and see something different. Instead of accepting the
negative facts and talking about them, we choose to speak of God’s promise for healing.
We chose to see and believe Troy was running again and breaking another school track
record. (His Mother and I had witnessed him setting a college indoor long distance track
record just a few weeks before this sickness.) In our mind, we saw Troy healthy, laughing
with his friends, running time trials, getting married, having children and living a full life
free of sickness and disease. We saw Troy being completely whole. We had to resist the
visions of death that were trying to gain control of our thoughts. We had to choose not to
think of the negative facts of this sickness. We observed what the doctor had reported to
us, but that was not what we were believing or accepting for Troy. We Knew that God
has promised health and healing to all those who would believe in His Word. We
believed those promises. “All things are possible to him who believeth” Mk 9:23 KJV. In
Psalms 103:2,3 it says, “Praise the Lord O my soul, and forget not all his benefits -- who
forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases” NIV. We knew that we were God’s
children and that Troy was God’s son. He was entitled to all of God’s benefits and we
were not going to be robbed of them. One of the benefits was healing as promised to us
in Psalms 103:3. We knew it was not God’s will for Troy to be sick. We needed a
“MIRACLE.” We continued to believe and to pray!

We called our Pastor, Reverend Phil Shaw of New Life Worship Center in Rochester,
Minnesota (his wife Faith is my oldest sister) and shared with him the Doctor report.
However, we also said that in spite of the ‘report,’ that God had healed Troy and was
going to raise him up. In I Peter 2:24 it says, “By His (Jesus) stripes, Troy was healed.”
‘Was healed’ is past tense that means that the healing for Troy was already
accomplished or done. We knew that when Jesus hung on the cross and sacrificed his
life for the removal of our sins, that at the same time He bore our sicknesses, diseases
and pains. “Surely our diseases he did bear, and our pains he carried” Isaiah 53:4 JPS.
We knew that God was not the author of sickness and disease and that He had not
placed this disease on Troy. It was satan that was trying to take Troy’s life or maim him
for the rest of his life. Oh, how important it is to not only know the promises of God, but
to believe and trust them. The prophet Hosea said “My people are destroyed for lack of
knowledge” Hosea 4:6 KJV. To be unlearned of God’s Word will allow the destroyer into
one’s life. He is the enemy of our soul and wants to “…rob, kill and destroy” us, but
Jesus came so “…that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”
John 10:10. No matter how dark it might get or what the ‘storm of life’ may be, God’s
Word is Faithful and can be trusted with your life. It was about to get darker for the Reine
Family. We continued to speak our “Faith” in the Promises of God and to verbalize them
out loud. We also spoke to the devil and told him that he was a liar and that the images
that he was trying to create in our mind were not of God (John 8:44 KJV).

After we called Pastor Shaw, he in turn called others to pray. The church Pastor Shaw
pastors, New Life Worship Center, prayed earnestly for Troy as well as so many of our
dear friends, churches and loved ones. My sister Faith was under a heavy burden and
prayed daily for many hours at a time in intercessory prayer. The burden of prayer
became so great that she took off work and stayed home to pray, day and night. Loved
ones and friends around the country joined in their “Faith” with ours to believe for a
“Miracle.” We are so grateful to Pastor Shaw for being the pivot point and directing
information to Minneapolis and various parts of the country. We know that he spent
many hours on the phone and in prayer for Troy and our family.

When Troy first arrived in the Hospital in Chattanooga he was alone. Reverend Hunter
Huckabay, the Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Chattanooga, received a call
from the Vice-chancellor at The University of the South, asking if he would go to see a
young man from the University who was hospitalized at Erlanger. He explained that they
were having difficulty contacting Troy’s family. Reverend Huckabay came to see and
minister to Troy as soon as he became aware of the situation. He was one of the first
ones to see Troy, and continued to see Troy on almost a daily basis. We are so grateful
for Reverend Hunter Huckabay’s ministry and for the ministry of Reverend Stephen
Askew, the associate Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. The Pastors and the
parishioners of St. Paul Episcopal church prayed for a miracle.

The chaplains of the hospital also came and visited Troy. Among them were three
Seminary Graduate Students, Jonathan Hurt, Daniel Walker, and Rob Miskowski. They
joined with our Faith and prayed in the Spirit as they came to minister to Troy. They were
a great Blessing to us. One of the chaplains, in relating how his brother had been healed
of Meningitis, said concerning Troy that it may get worse before it got better. I took note
of that only to reinforce our faith that in spite of what we saw or heard, Troy was healed
and would return to running, school and a full life.

David & Daphna Thompson from Chattanooga came to the hospital to find us and to
offer any assistance we needed. Their daughter is a student at the University of the
South and also is a member of the track team. We wanted to make some large signs for
Troy’s room with healing scripture verses on them. The Thompson’s immediately went to
get the necessary supplies, as well as several bags of groceries for us. They also
assisted us with many tasks such as locating a car service center for Troy’s car, driving
Elise to the Atlanta Airport to return home, as well as loaning their car to us while Troy’s
car was being repaired. Their ministry of helps truly ministered to us during this time.

On the second day after our arrival, the Doctors met us with the following report: “You
may notice when you go in to see Troy that his fingers and toes have become dark with
blood. The capillaries have shut down the blood flow to the fingers, toes, and perhaps
the hands and feet. We need to talk about amputation so that gangrene will not set in.”
We listened to the report of the facts for the day. Yet, we did not discuss this
development between ourselves or discuss if we would give permission to the doctors for
amputation. Rather, we immediately claimed the promise of God found in Matthew 18:19
“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that
they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven” and
implemented this promise in prayer. We knew that God had placed Troy into this world
with all his digits and appendages and that it was not the plan or will of God to be minus
any of these. How could he run without fingers and toes? We “AGREED” together in
prayer and began to pray specifically for the fingers and toes of Troy’s body to be
healed and that the circulation of the blood return to these appendages. His fingers and
toes were dark purple and some of the fingers were ashen gray as there was not
enough blood circulating. We prayed and said, “Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus
we ask for the complete circulation of blood to return to Troy’s right hand and to flow all
the way to the tip of his right thumb. We ask for the circulation of blood to return to the
very tip of the index finger of the right hand. We ask for the circulation of blood to return
to the very tip of the middle finger of the right hand. We ask for the circulation of blood to
return to the very tip of the ring finger of the right hand. We ask for the circulation of
blood to return to the very tip of the little finger of the right hand.” We specifically named
each finger, toe, hand, (left & right), foot, arm and leg and prayed specifically for healing
to flow to these parts of the body. We did not pray just a general prayer for healing.
Neither did we pray a memorized or a written prayer for healing. If we would have prayed
a general or vague prayer for healing, we would have received a general or vague
answer to prayer. No, we needed a specific answer for a specific need and we received
it. One of the first visual answers to our prayers that the circulation was being restored in
Troy’s hands and feet was that we could press on Troy’s fingernails and they would go
white from the blood being pressed out from the fingernail. In a few moments the
fingernail would quickly return to its pink, healthy, normal color. The circulation was
restored. Instead of amputating Troy’s fingers, toes, hands or feet we saw the circulation
“Miraculously” return to Troy’s fingers, toes, hands and feet. Praise the Lord!

However, Troy’s breathing continued to be very rapid and labored. It was as if he was
suffocating, even with the supplemental oxygen. He was gasping for every breath. His
body was beginning to shut down.

On Wednesday, Arlys, Elise and I were coming out of the hospital cafeteria food line
when we were asked by a woman if we were the Reine’s. We answered “yes we are”.
She introduced herself as Patty Alex. We were soon joined by her son Brian. Patty is the
CO-Pastor of Word of Life Church in Hixson, TN, a suburb of Chattanooga, with her
husband Greg. Brian and his wife are the Associate Pastors. Patty and Brian came to
the hospital looking for us to give us some books and tapes on ‘faith’. The church had
been called by my sister and she asked if they would minister to us. We moved to a table
where we shared our Faith that Jesus would heal and raise Troy up. Patty began to
share how her husband had been miraculously healed many years before from severe
head and neck injuries that he received in a car accident. As she shared her story, our
faith was strengthened. All of a sudden, she was alarmed and said, “We need to rebuke
the spirit of death from Troy and we need to do it right now”. We agreed immediately with
this assertion as we knew that Troy’s critical condition was changing moment by moment.
So all five of us joined hands around that table in the crowded cafeteria and began to
pray “in the Spirit” and to call out loudly to God. We were not ashamed nor inhibited by
the other people who were observing us. We knew that Troy’s condition was desperate.
No matter what it had to take, we would do anything to bring healing and deliverance to
Troy. As we prayed, it got quiet around us and I could tell that people were vacating the
area. Arlys said later that day, that if there was a sports event on a Television in the
cafeteria and people were yelling or were loud, nobody would think a thing about it. I
mused within myself that many of those listening to us cry out to God and pray “in the
Spirit” needed to hear and see us. They needed to see what it took to receive a Miracle.
When we really are desperate and know the Word of God and His Promises, we are
willing to pay any price and do whatever is necessary to stay in faith and believe.

If we could have instantaneously changed Troy’s condition and taken away the disease,
we would gladly have done so. However, that power did not reside in us or in our will to
indiscriminately choose to do so. Yet, we believed and had the assurance that God
would raise up Troy according to His timetable and His Promises. We did not base our
Faith in what we saw, nor were we shaken by all the physical appearances. Troy had
made some improvements but he was still hovering between life and death. I knew that
no matter how low Troy would go physically, that we would not lose him. Even to the
point of death or beyond, that God would be faithful to His Promises. We read and
meditated on many Promises from the Word of God. Ephesians 6:1-3 was a great
promise for Arlys and myself. “Children, Obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.
Honour your father and mother; which is the first commandment with a promise; That it
may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.” Twenty years old is not a
long life. One hundred years old is a long life. Troy had been and was an obedient son.
He had always honored his mother and father. The Word of God said that because he
had done this that there was a promise for Troy and might I add, a promise for his
parents. “That his life may be long on this earth.” The Promise from God’s word was that
his life may be long, not short. We were not going to be robbed or denied of this
promised blessing. We had a promise that we could stand upon and base our faith upon.
All we really need is one promise from God’s Word. That one promise will help us go
through any storm in life and obtain a victory. I am so grateful that there are more
promises than just one that will give us faith. However, an encouraging thought is that to
receive a miracle, you only need one promise.

“It may get worse before it gets better”… were the words of one of the chaplains. We had
seen some improvements in Troy, but then he lost consciousness and began to sink in
his physical responses. Troy’s eyes became fixed, neither blinking nor moving. That is,
his eyelids were half open and would not close. The whites of his eyes were yellow
brown. His head hung motionless to the side. The doctors reported that Troy’s heart was
enlarged and that he had lung disease. He was now on forced oxygen as his oxygen
level was dangerously low. Troy’s arms and legs had become four times their normal size
from the poisons and toxins of the bacteria in his body. Because of the swollen condition,
the IV would no longer work in his arm, so they installed a shunt in his jugular vein. He
began to lose color in his face and took on an ashen, gray-green appearance.

Troy had dropped into unconsciousness Thursday afternoon. Our son Jonathan arrived
from 30 hours of travel from Saipan that evening. We tried to rouse Troy but we could
not as Troy had dropped into a deep coma. It was a bittersweet time for us. We were
filled with joy and comforted to see Jonathan, yet disappointed that Troy did not know
that his brother, whom he had been constantly asking for, had arrived. During the night
and the next day Troy’s vital signs continued to deteriorate. We continued to pray and
believe, as well as those who had chosen to help us carry this burden of prayer. It was
Good Friday.

I received a call from the University of the South asking if it would be all right for a group
of students to come and visit us. They knew that they could not see Troy in the intensive
care unit, but they wanted to come and support our family. We thought it would be great
for them to come. We were returning from seeing Troy for the second time that day when
I told the family that I would be with them shortly in the Ronald McDonald House. I was
going to get some items from the car parked outside. As I was closing the trunk and
started to walk to the house, I caught a glimpse of movement across the street. I looked
up and saw a sea of purple running across the street. I recognized the colors of the
Sewanee Track team. A young man asked if I was Mr. Reine. I said yes and then he
reached out his hand and introduced himself. In turn, all of the young people there
introduced themselves to me. There were both young men and women from the Track
team that had come down to share their support for us. They wanted to have a short
audience with the family so I told them that I would go get the family to visit with. I really
wanted to find a place other than outside where we could talk, but I did not know where. I
knew the rules of the Ronald McDonald House that prohibited bringing visitors into the
house. I told the group that I would be right back and would bring the family. I went to the
door and began to type the numbers of the entrance code. I had typed this code more
than three dozen times before but this time I could not remember the code. After several
failed attempts, I rang the doorbell. To my surprise, there to let me in was the director of
the home. I apologized for not remembering the code and said that I was going to get the
family as we had a group of students who had come to visit us. She said, why not bring
the students inside and visit with them around the fireplace. This was an answer to an
inward prayer that I had breathed because I knew that we needed to share our faith with
them. It would be difficult to do so outside with all the distractions. I invited them in, and
the family came down from our room.

We gathered around the fireplace and I began to share our faith in the Word of God,
and that we believed that Troy was healed and would set more records running for their
track team. Elise and Jonathan sang two songs for the group that they had sung for
Troy. I thanked the young people for coming and then shared with them our first few
moments with Troy in the MICU. I shared how we had prayed with Troy and then asked if
they would pray the same prayer and ask God to heal Troy. So we prayed, “Heavenly
Father, if there is any sin in my life, I ask you to forgive me by the blood of Jesus. Jesus,
I ask you to heal Troy and to reveal yourself to me.” What a privilege it was to have an
opportunity to share Christ and pray with these young people, a prayer of faith.

I said to the group of young people gathered there, “It doesn’t look very good for Troy at
this time, but, on a Good Friday like this it didn’t look good for Jesus either. However,
remember, Sunday’s Coming!”, referring to the resurrection of Christ from the grave. I
did not know at the time how prophetic those words would be.

Troy later told us that he nearly died four times during the week. He was at his lowest on
Good Friday. Death tried to take Troy, but we would not let him go! We continued to
intercede in prayer and maintain our confession of Faith in God’s promises of healing for

Some might ask if it was easy for us to go through this ‘trial’. The answer is, no, it was
not easy. No, ‘trials’ are not easy otherwise they would not be ‘trials’. Intercessory prayer
is not easy. It takes effort to continue to “fight the good fight of faith”. It was very intense
as there was a tremendous burden of prayer upon us and we knew how critical the
situation was from minute to minute. We prayed as often as possible as we knew there
was a spiritual battle being fought for the life of Troy. We, to the best of our ability, did
our part and God, who is faithful, was doing His.

On Saturday, Troy became conscious in the afternoon but he was still running a high
fever. We were encouraged by his recognition of his brother Jonathan and as he tried to
sing with Jonathan and Elise when they ministered to him in song. It was difficult for Troy
to do so as he was still on oxygen with a mask over his face and was very weak, but, he
was singing.

Sunday morning came and we went to visit Troy at our scheduled 10:00 AM visit. He had
a restless night and was still running a high fever. This was very disturbing and
perplexing to the doctors as they could not determine what was causing the fever at this
time. They were very concerned and expressed to us that this could not go on like this
without a serious outcome. Troy had had eight continuous days of extremely high body
temperature with no relief. After our visit, Arlys, Jonathan, Elise and I attended St. Paul’s
Episcopal Church for the Morning Easter Service. We were joined in worship by my
brother Tom and his wife Sherrye. The Holy Spirit was present in the service to minister
to us. It was remarkable that in the text for the service was Psalms 118:17,23,24 “I shall
not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord” “This is the Lord’s doing, and it is
BE GLAD IN IT.” . Also included was the scripture in Acts 10:38 “How God anointed
Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power who went about doing good and
healing all those who were oppressed of the devil”. My heart was greatly encouraged. I
knew that these scriptures were not there by chance, but rather it was a Divine
appointment with the Miraculous that we were about to encounter. Faith continued to rise
in our hearts. We knew that Troy was healed by the promise of God’s Word.

We visited Troy in the afternoon, but the report was still the same. Troy was running a
dangerously high fever and they could not get it under control. Troy had some signs of
improvement but was still in critical condition. Later that afternoon, after we said good-
bye to my brother Tom and his wife Sherrye, I was deeply impressed to call Pastors Greg
and Patty Alex of the Word of Life church in Hixson, and ask if they would come during
the evening visitation and pray for Troy.  

Pastors Greg and Patty Alex arrived that evening and entered Troy’s room with Arlys,
Elise, Jonathan II and myself. A nurse came and drew a curtain behind us and shut the
door. A nurse had never done this before. On all other visits the door was left open so
that the nursing staff could be apprised immediately of Troy’s condition. It was as if there
needed to be a resolution to this sickness and this was the time and the hour to resolve
it. This sickness and fever could not go on with a successful outcome. We gathered
around Troy’s bed and began to ‘pray in the Spirit’. Pastor Greg Alex stood at the foot of
the bed. As we started to pray, without any forethought on our part, we began to rebuke
the disease that was afflicting Troy in Jesus’ Name. Our voices began to rise in a
crescendo of prayer. Troy, out of his spirit, began to say “satan, get out of here” “satan,
leave me”. Then a great anointing and authority came on Pastor Greg Alex. He said “I
call to the strongman, in the name of Jesus. Loose your hold now. Come out of him, in
Jesus Name, NOW”. A great power came into the room. We knew we were in the
presence of the One with all authority. As God anointed men of long ago to be his
spokesman, so He anointed Pastor Greg Alex to be His spokesman in this hour. He and
his voice represented the ‘prayers of the saints’ and the ‘Word of God’. He spoke to this
evil power that was oppressing Troy and commanded it to loose it’s hold on him and go.
All of a sudden we felt this oppressing force leave. We knew it was gone. We knew that
the evil power of this disease was defeated and had departed. We began to Praise and
Worship God. We lifted our hands and spoke out our praise as we thanked God for Troy’
s deliverance. The high fever that had plagued Troy left him. It was 9:00 PM Eastern
Standard Time, Easter Sunday, 1999.

At the very same time that we were praying, my sister, Faith Shaw, in Rochester, MN was
praying and was under a heavy burden of intercessory prayer for Troy’s healing. She
said, that all of a sudden, as she was praying, her prayer turned into praise. She had
been earnestly interceding when, without a conscious effort, she began to praise and
thank the Lord for Troy’s healing. She knew in her heart that Troy was healed. She knew
it was done. It was 8:00 PM Central Time, the exact same time we were praying in
Chattanooga (Eastern Time Zone). At the very same time, Troy’s grandmother, Ruby
Reine was pacing the floor of her living and praying for Troy. All of a sudden, she said,
“Lord you have healed him. Troy is healed”. She knew Troy was healed and began to
Praise God for His healing. This was at 8 o’clock PM. This is remarkable and significant
because we know the exact time of Troy’s healing and final deliverance. We received a
MIRACLE from God through Jesus Christ and the Word of God at this hour.

We received a Miracle that was identical to the ‘Second Miracle of Christ’. Many of us
know and remember the ‘First Miracle of Christ’, the changing of the water into wine, but
what about the ‘Second Miracle of Christ’. To discover this Miracle we must look at John
4:46-54. “So Jesus came again to Cana of Galilee where He had turned the water into
wine. And there was a certain royal official, whose son was lying ill in Capernaum. Having
heard that Jesus had come back from Judea into Galilee, he went away to meet Him and
began to beg Him to come down and cure his son, for he was lying at the point of death.
Then Jesus said to him, Unless you see signs and miracles happen, you (people) never
will believe (trust, have faith) at all. The king’s officer pleaded with Him, Sir, do come
down at once before my little child is dead! Jesus answered him, Go in peace; your son
will live! And the man put his trust in what Jesus said and started home. But even as he
was on the road going down, his servants met him and reported, saying, Your son lives!
So he asked them at what time he had begun to get better. They said, Yesterday during
the seventh hour (about one o’clock in the afternoon) the fever left him. Then the father
knew that it was at that very hour when Jesus said to him, Your son lives. And he and his
entire household believed - they adhered to, trusted in and relied on Jesus. This is the
second sign (wonder work, miracle) that Jesus performed after He had come out of
Judea into Galilee.” John 4:46-54 Amplified

As the royal official knew the hour that the fever left his son, so we know the hour the
fever left Troy. It was 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, 8:00 PM CST. As the royal official
knew the hour that his son began to get better, so we know the hour that Troy began to
get better. Some may mistakenly think that a Miracle is only an instantaneous change of
events. That is, you were blind and now you see. You were deaf and now you hear,
instantly. Many miracles that Jesus performed in his ministry on earth were
instantaneous. Yet we must remember that some Miracles occur over a process of time.
The Second Miracle of Christ was of this nature. This royal official’s son began to get
better. I like the King James Version of this text where it says that the son began to
‘AMEND’. It represents a radical shift in time where an individual’s course of events has
been changed. Instead of getting worse the person is getting radically better. Jesus said
that we would ‘lay hands on the sick and they shall recover’. Mark 16:18 Recovering is a
process of time. Yet it is miraculous, as the normal course of sickness does not lead to
recovery, but to death.

We had good doctors assisting Troy, but they admitted that they were powerless to
change Troy’s condition. As one doctor said, “We can treat the bacteria, but we cannot
change the damaged heart, lungs, kidneys or other internal organs”. Another doctor told
me concerning Troy’s recovery, “We just applied some medicine and then stood back
and watched”. I understood what he was saying. I had had numerous meetings with the
doctors and they were baffled at what to do except to ‘wait and see.’ It wasn’t that they
didn’t want to help Troy, it was simply they had exhausted their knowledge of what to do.

Troy began to improve remarkably and immediately. His high fever left him on that
Easter Sunday night. His breathing improved and they took him off of oxygen. They
released Troy from Intensive Care on Monday. He went to intermediate care for less
than twenty-four hours and then to a regular hospital room. When he got into his regular
hospital room, he ate his first meal and began to gain strength. It is hard to describe how
decimating this disease is to the body. Most people do not know how deadly this disease
is. Ironically, it strikes healthy, strong, young men and women in the prime of their lives
and will destroy their bodies in a matter of hours. This disease had taken it’s toll on Troy’
s body. But we saw the Miraculous power of God change what man could not change.
Troy’s kidneys that had failed were restored. His lungs that were diseased and filled with
fluid were restored. His heart that was enlarged and beat irregularly was restored to

Troy continued to gain strength and recover. On the day before Troy’s hospital
discharge, Troy’s doctor came and stood at the foot of his bed. The first words out of his
mouth were “Troy, you’re an absolute miracle”. Then he said that Troy would be allowed
to go home the next day.

After eighteen days, it was time to release Troy from Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga,
TN. The rehabilitation staff wanted us to transfer Troy immediately as an ‘inpatient’ to a
Convalescent Hospital in Minneapolis, MN for extensive rehabilitation. They determined
that Troy would need six to eight months or more of extensive therapy. We felt that Troy
would do better if he was at home and we would drive him to rehabilitation.

As Troy could not walk yet, we lifted him out of a wheelchair and into the car to transport
him home. When we arrived in Minneapolis, we lifted him from the car and transferred
him to a borrowed wheelchair and into the house. It was good to be home. No, ........ It
was GREAT to be home and to have Troy with us. Arlys had returned a day earlier to
make preparation for Troy’s arrival. One of the scripture verses that we had made a
placard sign of was “He will strengthen him on the bed of sickness” Psalms 41:3. That
‘promise’ began to happen.

When we arrived back in Minneapolis, we went to see Troy’s local doctor. He was excited
at the prospect of seeing Troy. Arlys had made the appointment and had talked to the
doctor by phone. The doctor said he had seen a few cases like Troy’s. The doctor then
asked a peculiar question, although in hind site, it is a very logical question. “How is Troy’
s mind?” Arlys told him that he was as sharp as ever. Arlys and I took Troy to see the
doctor. When the doctor arrived, he quickly sat in a chair with rollers and scooted himself
up to Troy and said, “I just want to see a Miracle.” He then shared with us his encounters
with this disease that had attacked Troy. He said he did not want to tell us the outcome
of the patients that he had cared for before he had seen Troy. All of the patients died
within a day or two of contracting the disease and he described some of the horrible
symptoms they had before their death. He then called another doctor in to see Troy and
began to tell the doctor of Troy’s miraculous recovery.

Troy went to Physical Therapy the next day. When we brought Troy to Therapy he could
not walk. The staff worked with Troy and got him to walk a few steps in spite of the
severe pain that he was in. “He began to AMEND” or he began to get better. It was
thrilling to watch over the next few days as Troy began to walk and gain his motoring
skills. After one week the Physical Therapist said, “You’re doing so well, Troy, we do not
have to see you any more”. “Just keep doing what you are doing and exercise.” Praise
the Lord! Think of it! Troy went from being an invalid to no longer needing Physical
Therapy in one week. After three weeks Troy was released from Occupational Therapy
that dealt with the upper body. What was supposed to take months of Therapy to
accomplish, God brought about in a few weeks through His healing restoration. Troy was
getting better.

Two weeks after we returned home we went back to Tennessee to bring Troy’s
belongings home from his college. Troy wanted to go with us and see his friends. Even
though he was quite weak and not fully recovered we thought it would be good for him
and his friends to see him. We arrived on Friday and Troy saw his classmates, coaches
and the Track team that day and Saturday. On Sunday Morning we spoke and shared
the Miraculous story of Troy’s healing at the Word of Life Church in Hixson, TN, where
Greg & Patty Alex are Pastors. That afternoon, Troy wanted to see the hospital he had
been in, so we went to Erlanger Hospital. It was time for the family visitation at the
Medical Intensive Care Unit, so I asked if we could come in and see the nurses and show
Troy the room that he had been in. As we went into the MICU, we saw two of the male
nurses that had taken care of Troy. I introduced myself and then introduced Troy. They
were simply amazed and confounded at what they were seeing. One of the nurses said,
“I was talking to him about his college and track team one day, and then the next day
you could not communicate with him. He was going down.” As we left the nurses, we
passed the doorway of the room next to Troy’ s room. I recognized the people in the
room and discovered that the man in the bed was still there from when Troy was in
intensive care. I walked to the door and began to talk to them with Troy following behind
me. One of the young men there asked, “Whatever happened to the young man who
was next door?” His brother said, “He’s standing right behind you”. He turned around
and looked at Troy and exclaimed, “Man, I thought you were gone!”.   I then shared with
the family of Troy’s Miracle. They asked me to pray for the man in the bed, which I did.
As I turned to leave, a brother-in-law of the man in the bed said, “I know when you
received your Miracle”. “You do?”, I said. He became very intense and excited. “Yes, it
was that Sunday night, ahh… Easter Sunday. We heard you singing and then praying.
Then we felt a Power coming through the wall from the room you were in. It was as if our
room was shaking.” What a marvelous, unsolicited testimony to confirm the Power of
God to heal and deliver today. They knew that something happened next door, but didn’t
know what it was until I told them of Troy’s Miraculous Healing.

Troy’s recovery began on Easter Sunday and continued every day. It took time for his
strength and stamina to return. Yet, it was a miraculous recovery from where he had
come from, ‘at the point of death’. When Troy first came home, he was paralyzed and
could not feed himself without assistance. Yet, every day there was noticeable
improvement. What a great joy it was to see Troy finally walk and feed himself for the
first time and as he also began to  exercise on a stationary bicycle. Simple exercise was
highly painful and not easy as he had to make his protesting body obey his commands.
One day, he said he wanted to go outside for a short walk. Soon the walks became
longer. Troy was determined to run again. At the early stage, a short walk was all he
could do for the entire day. He would be exhausted and bedridden the rest of the day.
However, that was changing with each new day as there came added strength.

Troy no longer needs to see the doctors or medical staff. He returned to his studies at
the University of the South. His lesion wounds have healed and the scars are fading and
we Thank God for a Miracle of Healing that was identical to the Second Miracle of Christ.
Truly, “Jesus Christ is the Same, Yesterday, Today and Forever!” Hebrews 13:8. We will
always Thank and Praise God for his Goodness and Mercy that he has shown the Reine’
s. The Bible says that “God is not a respector of persons”. This simply means that He
has no favorite children that he treats differently from others. His ‘Promises’ are for
everyone, and what he did for the Reine’s, He will do for you! If you or a loved one
needs a Miracle today, “Call unto Him and He will answer you and show you great and
marvelous things…” Jeremiah 33:3. May the Holy Spirit touch your heart and life today.
We say, Thank you, to all the “Family of Faith” that believed with us for a miracle.

----------UPDATE: On April 15, 1999 we carried Troy from the car into the house as he
could not walk and had all the visible signs of being an invalid..  
One year later, to the day, on April 15, 2000, Troy ran in a 10K (6.4 miles approx.) race
in Minneapolis, MN.  There were 140 seasoned competitors running in his class who had
come from all over the State of Minnesota to compete.  Out of the 140 runners to cross
the finish line, Troy came in second and won the Silver Medal.  To think that just one
year before, Troy  was on his deathbed with no medical hope, causes us as a family to
thank God every day for His Healing Power.  We rejoice in God daily for “The Second

----------UPDATE:   On Good Friday, 1999, I spoke to the group of track team members,
coaches, parents, clergy and visitors in the main great room of the Ronald McDonald
House of Chattanooga, TN. We had just left Troy in the intensive care unit where he was
now at his worst and to all physical appearances was dying. I said to those who had
gathered to support our family, …“Things do not look very good for Troy today, but on a
Good Friday almost 2000 years ago, it didn’t look very good for Jesus either.” “But
remember, SUNDAY’S Coming!!” I spoke in reference to the resurrection of Christ and
also spoke of the soon coming miracle for our son Troy. I said, “Troy will be back at your
college, in school and setting new track records for your team.” That was prophetic and
was spoken “In Faith.” Twenty-two months later, Troy set the first of  five new running
records for his College, The University of the South. (This college is over 150 years old,
which is a lot of running history.) On GOOD FRIDAY, March 29, 2002, three years after
Troy was at his absolute lowest when struck with this deadly disease, he broke the
College record in the 10,000 meter race by forty-two (42) seconds. We rejoice in a God
that honors faith and that time is not so much a factor as is the perseverance of faith,
attitude and work ethics. Troy worked very hard to attain these accomplishments and
without his will to live and recover, these records would never have been realized. God is
faithful to his Word and the word of his servants. We give all the Praise and Glory to the
Lord Jesus Christ and to the faithfulness of the Word of God.

----------UPDATE:  On Mother’s Day, May 11, 2003, Troy graduated from the University
of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee.